Less Common Uses for Shipping Containers

Since the mid 1970s, shipping containers have become a common site in almost every environment on Earth. You see them in the background in Afghanistan war scenes, they are on the ice in Antarctica and wherever you go in 1st, 2nd or 3rd world cities, you will see them on trucks, ships, trains or just sitting around the place.

With the advent of the internet, people can share ideas and with containers being a common items all over the world, people share their ideas on novel uses for shipping containers. Below are links to some interesting youtube clips.

Shipping container homes

Wine cellar made from a shipping container buried under ground

There are many ways in which containers can be transported. among these are;

By Ship

By Rail

By side loading truck

By tilt tray truck

The advent of shipping containers has led to many unexpected benefits for consumers. Among them are;

  1. International freight has become so cost effective that is is often less expensive to buy something from the other side of the world rather than at the shop down the road. Intermodal shipping containers have opened up cheap labour markets to the world. This has lead to manufacturing industries moving out of western countries.
  2. A number of container moving companies have sprung up to service consumers who are moving house. This has meant that they can avoid paying the high cost interstate removalists such as Allied Pickfords, Wridgeways, Grace Removals and Kent Moving.
  3. Shipping containers have become a regular site as home based storage. Hire a container, put your belongings in it and it is all watertight and secure at a bargain price.

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